August 2017

Remembering our Sacred Place in Nature The Mother Earth Restoration Trust


Erica Ohliger and Nelson Caraballo


After 15 years of ongoing relationship and work with the Four Peoples of the Earth from La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia, the Mother Earth Restoration Trust (MERT) was created. In 2015 it was formally established as a non-profit organization in the state of Colorado.


Witnessing the world spiral into deeper and deeper crisis, MERT was inspired by a call from indigenous elders of La Sierra who were listening and responding to the living planet herself and her request for humankind’s collective attention. They say she is speaking out to guide humanity along a pathway that leads to her restoration—which ultimately is our restoration as Peoples of the Earth, dependent upon and in communion with our Earth Mother.


The Heart of the World, La Sierra, is an isolated bioregion considered home to the native South American Tayrona culture, consisting of the Kogui, Wiwa, Arhuaco and Kankuamo.


The Four Peoples are a living example of sustainability after thousands of years of preserving a harmonious relationship with Mother Earth. Though their way of life and culture has become increasingly entangled with the modern world, as a collective people they continue to maintain a rare spiritual connection with the Mother. This connection—preserved by some of the Four Peoples through pristine ancient lifestyles—enables them to hear and receive her guidance directly. Because the global, social and bio-cultural crisis has escalated beyond critical levels, the Four Peoples have been instructed by the Mother to come out into the world to share their insight and join greater humanity in our common initiative for global transformation.


The Four Peoples’ mission—which they hold as their sacred responsibility in the Web of Life—is to be vigilant of all events taking place in the world and to preserve Universal Balance on Mother Earth.


Presently, the Elders are encouraging the human family to maintain and hold Angüe Duna (Aahn-gwa Doo-na)—positive spiritual thoughtand focus on our individual and collective internal order (Ikwashenduna) for the changes we seek. From their perspective, change will only come when we decide to shift our conscious awareness towards an analysis of self. Change through the implementation of laws, policy, movements and activism can be of great value and will be effectual when the internal order (coherence) becomes the foundation of our actions.

We are being counseled by Mother Earth to stop depending solely on external agents (legal and political frameworks). Our collective commitment to our internal order is fundamental. We are not victims; the outside world reflects our internal order. This has many components, but begins with a simple view and understanding that we are intricately connected to all things that are transpiring. In other words, the state of the world reflects the internal state of humanity. This is her call to attention, as it responds to what the Elders call Natural Order.

Mother Earth emphatically reminds us there is a Natural Order in the universe, in the cycles within Nature and on her earth body. Remembering the sacredness of the Feminine Principle—as all her children, both men and women, are birthed from the feminine—is the key to understanding and restoring our sacred relationship with her. She is therefore showing us a pathway that begins with the feminine principles present in both men and women.


In their wisdom, the Elders share that we all have Sacred Sites (meridians included) on/in our bodies, which hold qualities of the feminine (love, compassion, tenderness, kindness, gentleness, understanding, etc.), forgotten by so many in today’s world. Thus, our forsaken relationship with our Mother Earth can only be healed through a collective awareness of her existence as a living, feeling and breathing being humanity is a part of.

With great respect we share the following message from the Elders:

Women are the representation of the Earth; to violate her is the demise of humanity.

It is time for the balancing, delimitation (placement of limits or boundaries) and reestablishment of the feminine within the order of the woman.

It is the time of the climate and seasons in which nature cleanses herself according to the Law of Origin.


It is the time for women (all daughters, sisters, mothers, grandmothers of the Earth) to remember and restore the Feminine Principle, beginning with themselves, to help all the men (sons, brothers, fathers, grandfathers) also remember. 

What does this mean?

It is time to place boundaries, both internally and externally—what each woman puts forth externally and what she allows to come to her internally—based on the sacredness that she holds.


The Mother Earth and Nature will also establish her/their own boundaries. The climate is changing due to all that has and continues to violate her.


After presenting spiritual offerings to the Mother for her restoration from both men and women, the Elders were shown in their deliverance that the Mother was not receiving the spiritual offerings from the men (masculine) due to the forgotten feminine principles within the masculine. This triggered an investigation with the Mother Earth at a specific site of great relevance to the present moment, the Spiritual Office of the Woman, where she gave the following message, conveyed by the Elders:


The women are the ones who can restore the balance and overcome the force of negativity that has multiplied in La Sierra and worldwide. For the restoration of Mother Earth, which includes all life on the planet, it is agreed that now is the moment for women to enter a deeper process to remember their original roles and responsibilities. Because women internally possess all the same elements and sacred sites as the Mother, healing themselves is seen as the vital component to the unification process. If this healing does not take place, humanity will continue the path of self-destruction!


In healing the Earth body/Nature, we must begin with the waters.


To the Elders this begins with healing the feminine, as women’s natural ability to gestate life (in the womb) is the greatest expression of Mother Earth.


They understand that the restoration of the waters correlates directly to the restoration of our wholeness within (internal order).

This brings greater inspiration to an initiative that MERT is working on involving women in the Heart of the World to heal the Feminine Principle. The women of La Sierra living within the cultural ancient norms of the Four Peoples of the Earth understand that every female born is considered a Saga (Saah-ga). Sagas (women) and Mamas (men) are enlightened spiritual leaders of their communities. They are chosen either at birth or at an early age, trained and sometimes sequestered for long periods of time, to preserve their purity.

The Young Girls represent the springs, which hold the pure spiritual basis for the continuity of the waters of life. The Mothers represent the rivers and the Elders (grandmothers) represent the oceans.

The women of the Four Peoples are bonding in agreement to strengthen and empower themselves and their original roles within the Four Peoples, while raising greater awareness in our collective need to heal and cleanse the waters (
the Universal Womb) for healthy reproduction of all life and the future generations.


Mother Earth is calling out to women all over the world to heal and step forward responsibly as an expression of the Mother, while asking men to honor, support and complement this healing by remembering the sacred Feminine Principle, which will bring to realization the greatest potential of the masculine.


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Erica Ohliger and Nelson Caraballo are co-founders of the Mother Earth Restoration Trust.




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