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Journey Santa Fe: Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) Santa Fe Chapter

Journey Santa Fe sponsors Sunday morning gatherings of progressive thinkers who explore, through presentations, issues that influence our daily lives and the lives of future generations. All conversations are FREE and OPEN to the public and take place at 11 am at Collected Works Bookstore & Iconik Coffee House (202 Galisteo St. in Santa Fe, NM).


September 3, 2017 – Sunday, 11 am

Ken Baumann and Cathy Garcia, co-chairs of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) Santa Fe Chapter, On the Fastest-Growing Socialist Organization in the Country
Journey Hosts: Alan Webber & Bill Depuy

How can we focus political and social action on the needs of workers and ordinary people instead of trying to satisfy the insatiable hunger for profits and power of just the few? Baumann and Garcia argue that DSA has some approaches and solutions that are gaining real traction in today’s charged political atmosphere. Publisher, writer, theater and television actor, Ken Baumann and labor activist progressive, Cathy Garcia will discuss the DSA’s work locally and nationally, the DSA’s ideology and growth, and how contemporary socialists are playing a key role in helping advance the progressive agenda in the Democratic Party.

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