October 2017

Santa Fe Farmers’ Market Cookbook



Vibrant photos of northern New Mexico farms, farmers and the goods they produce and sell at the Santa Fe Farmers’ Market complement more than 100 recipes collected from growers and market patrons in Douglas Merriam’s new Santa Fe Farmers’ Market Cookbook.


Organized by seasons, each step on the journey from farm to market is told in a series of essays by travel writer Lesley S. King. There are stories of seed-to-table, wholesome meals that cooks can recreate in their own kitchens wherever they live, using mostly farmers’ market ingredients. It is not strictly a regional cookbook.


Two hundred of Merriam’s photos provide context in the “part cookbook, part history book, part photo book” by exploring the relationships among farmer, food and land.

The book is only available online at www.farmfreshjourney.com and at the farmers’ market gift shop. A percentage of book sales go back to the Santa Fe Farmers’ Market, one of the country’s oldest and most respected farmers’ markets. The website also includes profiles of 17 area farmers that Merriam and King followed while researching the book.



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