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OP-ED: Earth Care / Community Resilience in the Face of Adversity

Earth Care youth leaders Janet Gomez and Lavender Rodríguez at the 2017 Women’s March in Santa Fe


In January 2017 Earth Care partnered with Green Fire Times to curate an issue themed around “Community Resilience in the Face of Adversity.” One year later, we’ve asked voices from impacted communities throughout New Mexico to take stock and offer their reflections and rallying cries in anticipation of another year in the trenches. As we are reminded time and time again, the threats our communities face are not new—they are simply the unfiltered expression of the oppression, exploitation, greed and corporatism rooted in this country’s history.


We must face the reality that not all of the wounds of the past have healed. In fact, some are infected—and the infection has gone viral. We can no longer ignore toxic masculinity and violence, sexual predation, the disregard for black lives, the devastating consequences of fossil fuel extraction, the theft and exploitation of Native lands, white supremacy, and the impoverishment of our communities to the benefit of the few.


Our collective immune system is responding, sending out alarms and rallying its defenses. From #MeToo to solidarity rallies in airports to unprecedented numbers of regular people running for office, America is experiencing a “civic renewal” of unprecedented proportions, and it is being reflected here in New Mexico.


With increasing levels of engagement and interdependence, we have the opportunity to build a new foundation. What is required is a willingness to reckon with injustice—to let the wounds bleed clean—to take an honest look at the difference between our values and our realities and to do the hard work in our hearts, our institutions and our communities to bring those into alignment. Many of the articles included in this edition challenge us to do just that.


We are lucky at Earth Care to be guided by the voices and vision of our young people, who are quick to point out any contradictions between our walk and our talk. Their leadership and the leadership of all whose voices have been marginalized must not only be acknowledged but also invested in. In 2018 let’s not limit our sights to municipal, state and midterm elections in New Mexico. Let’s invest in the organizing infrastructure and power building in our communities that will carry us through the next few years and position us to go beyond the pendulum swing of Republican to Democrat into a future of justice and true democracy.



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