Green Fire Times 2011

December 2011

What Does Occupy Wall St. Tell Us About the Holidays?, Buy Local, The Attraction of Local, Sustainable Restaurants, The Local Voice: Shift Your Shopping – Shift Your Thinking, Taos Stories Leading the Way Forward Towards Sustainability, Energy Newsbites, Faren Dancer’s Green Talk: Join the Unified Voice,
Google Earth Trains Native Americans to Protect Their Land, Diné Biinanish Yá’át’éehgo Nooséél (Navajo Green Jobs), Green Schools Collaborative, What is Sostenga?, Central New Mexico LandLink,
Fresh AIRE : Agricultural Implementation, Research & Education, Farm Bill / Food Bill, Del Are Llano: Designing an Edible Landscape, My Own Garden: Creating a Story with an Urban Garden Space, Newsbites, The Unprotected Dead of New Mexico, Everyday Green: Abundant Gratitude, What’s Going On!

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November 2011

Policy Blueprint Unveiled at Renewable Energy & Clean Technology Conference, A “New Opportunities for Business” Platform, Developing Resilience in New Mexico Communities and Businesses, Green Business Cluster of Northern New Mexico, Solar Energy in New Mexico, Solar Newsbites, Santa Fe Architect Awarded Purpose Prize, Albuquerque’s Energy-Saving Building Code, Cities Water Needs Could Deplete Rural Areas, Book Profile: “Reining in the Rio Grande”, An Interview with G. Emlen Hall, Fred M. Phillips and Mary Black, Water Heist in the Plains of San Augustín – Part II, An Open Letter to my Loss Mitigation Manager at CitiMortgage, Faren Dancer’s Green Talk: A Community Experiment, Everyday Green: On Not Wasting Food, Newsbites, What’s Going On!

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October 2011

Reflections from a “Do” Tank, What is the Quivira Coalition?, 2011 Quivira Conference Speakers and Mentors, The Agrarian Standard, New Agrarians, The Re-Homesteader, Fresh AI RE: Planting Three Seeds, Agricultural Marketing in New Mexico, CARLY: Conservation, Ranching Leadership and Youth, The Conundrums of a Tree Hugging, Cattle Ranching Human, Alone in a World of Beautiful Wounds, Comanche Creek, Restoring Hózhó: Building Bio-Cultural Resilience on the Navajo Nation, Faren Dancer’s Green Talk: Our Life Breath…Restoring the Grasslands, The Soil’s Food Web, A Great Aridness: The Story Behind the Book, Newsbites, What’s Going On!

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September 2011

Envisioning a Sustainable Urban Village, Tales of a Time Traveler: How This Future Came to Be, Eco-Park Comes to Santa Fe, Imagining a Sustainable Urban Village, Los Alamos Food Co-op Launched, What Does a Healthy Community in a Sustainable Urban Village Look Like? Commons Vignettes or 101 Reasons to Live in Community, Transitioning Santa Fe, Newsbites, The Ecology of Community Networking, Santa Fe Higher Education Center Launches, St. Michael’s Boulevard: Visions of the Future, How to Finance the Sustainable Urban Village, Earthship Village, Water in a Sustainable Urban Village, Developers and Landowners Should Take a Page from the Past, Newsbites, What’s Going On!

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August 2011

Native Windows to the Natural World, Indigenous Sustainability: An Interview with Greg Cajete, Tradition and Sustainability: A Santa Clara Pueblo Perspective, Red & Green: The Merging of Indigenous and Environmental Movements and the Renewal of Traditional Ecological Knowledge, Faren Dancer’s Green Talk: Freeing Our Sacred Lands, Reviving the Navajo Green Economy, Making Clean Energy a Reality, Native Newsbites, Our Visions: A Historic Gathering of Native Writers, Artists and Wisdom Keepers, The Ice Is Melting: Indigenous Views on Global Warming, IAIA Develops Services for Tribal Communities, Climate Change Summit at IAIA, Learning Zuni Farming, Red Willow Foods Experience at Taos Pueblo, Creating Balance at Home: Food, Farming, Spirit, Everyday Green: Food and Spirituality, Sostenga: Community, Climate and Resilience, Will Wilson’s Auto Immune Response Lab, Tribal Tourism Gathering at IAIA, Newsbites, What’s Going On!

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July 2011

White House Meets with Business Leaders, From E-Trash to E-Icons, Voices from Indigeneity, Faren Dancer’s Green Talk, Everyday Green: Connect in Nature, Power to the Patterns, Fresh AIRE : Revitalizing Local Agriculture, Orphans of the Land, Empowering Healthy Farms, Watersheds and Communities with Keyline Design®, My Own Garden: Planning Your Extended Harvest, A Flyover Along the Western Wildway, Low-Cost Zero Energy Homes Have Arrived, Educating the Average Middle Class Homeowner, Is Solar Too Expensive?, Solar Newsbites, A Solar RV Park in Santa Fe, The Power of One, Citizens for Sustainable Home Ownership, Discovering Pathways, Newsbites, What’s Going On!

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June 2011

Green Jobs: Fact not Fiction, Everyday Green: Real Employment, 2011 USGBC GreenBuilt Tour, Villa Alegre: Green Affordable Multifamily Housing, Amigos Bravos: Friends of the Wild Rivers, Social Justice within a Foodsystem Change, First Planting, Del Are llano: The Acequia Landscape, Sustainability Education: Sangre de Cristo Youth Ranch, Humans and Nature – Connecting in Our Gardens, To Bee or Not to Bee, Rapport with the Rooted Folk, EnergyPlex Conference – “Uranium Fuel Cycle 2011”, Ending Coal, Newsbites, Shareholder Power for a Better World, Faren Dancer’s Green Talk: The Unicopia Center, Face the Enemy, The Genizaro Experience: A Living Legacy, What’s Going On!

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May 2011

SFCC Trades & Advanced Technology Center Opening, Low-Impact Living Finds a High-Style Home, Human Resilience, Adaptation, Transformation and Development, Resilience 2011: Navigating the Complexities of Global Change, Everyday Green: Less As More, Walking, Bicycling, Transit and Tourism, The Carbon Economy Workshop Series, Zero Wast e Communities, Community Groups / LANL Water Settlement, The Galisteo Wildway, Making the Connect ions: Creation Care and Community Networks, Let Us Honor “Pachamama”, Bioneers’ New Indigeneity Program, What Is Socially Responsible Investing? The Local Voice: Citibank Ow(n)es Me, Let’s Go to a Green Tea Party, Faren Dancer’s Green Talk, My Own Garden: Crop Rotation – Planning for the Growing Season, Newsbites, Op-Ed: Working on Renewable Energy for Rural NM, What’s Going On!

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April 2011

Sustainable Tourism Definitions, New Mexico’s Ecotourism Initiative, Del Are Llano: Northern NM Grape Growers Cooperative, The New Mexico Fiber Arts Trails, Heritage and Cultural Tourism in Truchas, Local Cultural Tourism, Sostenga: Benefits/Costs and Authenticity in Cultural Tourism, New Mexico Indian Tourism, Everyday Green: Sustainable Cultural Tourism, Sustainable Tourism Book Profiles, Sustainable Tourism and Development, Santa Fe 2011 – A City of Art Markets, An Interview with Santa Fe City Councilor Rebecca Wurzburger, Healing Arts Tourism, Good News for Green Businesses in the Legislative Session, Faren Dancer’s Green Talk: Our Renewable Future? Newsbites, Prospects and Potential of Agritourism in Northern New Mexico, Culinary Ecotourism in Las Vegas, New Mexico, My Own Garden: Grow Your Own Food and Connect with “Place”, What’s Going On!

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March 2011

Dreaming New Mexico: Food Security—Good Food, Enough Food, Del Are Llano: There Is No Food Security Without Acequia Security,Food and Water Insecurity – State of Southwestern Foodsheds,Fresh AIRE : Can Genetic Engineering Coexist with Traditional Agriculture?, Alternative Capital for Local Foodsheds, Everyday Green: The CSA,New Mexico’s Deadly Eating Habits, Immigrant Day of Action / 1,000 Women March,Breathing In Life Forces with Biodynamics, The Arctic Is Melting and Deserts Are Burning, Faren Dancer’s Green Talk, Building a Worldwide Green Economy, Newsbites, The Local Voice: Lights, Camera, Local Economy! What’s Going On!

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February 2011

Is Our Medical System Sustainable? Environmental Medicine,NM Food and Agriculture Policy Council’s Legislative Priorities, A Love Letter to the EPA, Saving Real Healthcare Reform, New Mexico Health Facts, A Human “Being”, Integrated Health Studies at Northern NM College, Reflections Upon Sustainability in the Healing Arts, New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts, Meaning, Sustainability and the Healing Arts, Southwestern College, How Green Is Your Yoga? The Earth’s Electromagnetic Energy: Essential for Health, Santa Fe Soul Health & Healing Center, Incorporating Curanderismo into Modern Medicine, How to Safely Make It Through the X-ray at the Airport, Birthing Back Our Roots – Española Community Doulas, Herbal Medicine Manifesto, My Own Garden: Botanical Potions for Healthy Plants, Everyday Green: Easy Cooking Tips – Natural Weight Loss, Faren Dancer’s Green Talk, New Mexico Supreme Court Orders Publication, Green Home Building and Design Classes at SFCC, Newsbites, Recall to Basic Consciousness Native Elders Gathering, What’s Going On!

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January 2011

Adapting for A Changing World, NM Board Approves State Program to Reduce Carbon Pollution, 2011 NM Legislative Session Environmental Issues Preview, EPA Proposes Greenhouse Gas Reductions, Water Heist in the Plains of San Augustín,Water Newsbites, Solar Energy Zones Planned for Western States, Solar Newsbites, Dreaming NM – Local Foodsheds, Local Value Chains, Sustainable Environmental Food Systems Program at UNM, The Cooperative Development Center of New Mexico, Understanding “Cooperación”, Sustainable Land Tenure in Chimayó, My Own Garden: Wintertime Watering, Capture the Moving Picture Industry, Green Filmmaking is a Verb, The Local Voice: The Fight for a Local Economy, Everyday Green: Natural Weight Loss, Book Review: Moonrise – The Power of Women Leading from the Heart, What’s Going On!

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