Green Fire Times 2013

December 2013

GFT December 2013 CoverNew Mexico Community Foundation • 30 Years, Philanthropic First Responder, 2013 Luminaria Awards: Celebrating the Best of New Mexico, Luminarias: Fire and the Fire Within, Collaborative Leadership Program Initiative, NMCF’s Intercultural Collaborative Leadership Program: Understanding NM’s Complex Cultural History, Youth Building the Future (with a Push from Artist-Social Organizer Lily Yeh), Challenges Facing Rural Villages in New Mexico, Strengthening Communities through Humane Approaches, The Community Involvement Fund, Follow Me, Native American Programs and Funds at NMCF, The SPARK Program: Joining Hands at the Pueblo of Jémez, A Teacher’s Perspective on a Small Navajo Town, The Thoreau Community Center, New Mexico Community Foundation Donor Profiles, CHISPA Awards, NewMexicoWomen.Org, Safety for Girls and Women, Breast Wishes Fund, The New Mexico Infant Team Program, Iman Aoun Leads Theater of the Oppressed Workshop, Public Allies New Mexico, The New Mexico Community News Exchange, Newsbites, What’s Going On?

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November 2013

GFT November 2013 CoverThe NM Green Chamber of Commerce: Welcome to Our Shade of Green, New Mexico’s Responsible Business Movement and Our Own Action-Tank Model, What Are Triple Bottom Line Businesses?, Benefit Corporations in New Mexico, Fire the Choir: Why Green Marketing Hasn’t Worked and What to Do About It, New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce Member Profiles, Green Home Building Industry Drives Local Green Economy, Thinking Local First: The BALLE Model for Sustainable Communities and the Green Chamber, New Mexico’s Solar Economic Development Potential, Everyday Green: 10 Reasons to Buy Locally Produced Food, New Mexico Health Connections: Commitment to the Triple Bottom Line, Economic Development and New Mexico’s National Monuments, Op-Ed: High-Tech and Renewable-Energy Development on State Trust Lands, Water – We Can Do It!, Carbon Divestment or Engagement?, Which Is the More Effective Tool to Encourage Change?, Newsbites, What’s Going On?

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October 2013

GFT October 2013 CoverInspiring Adaptation, What Is the Quivira Coalition?, 2013 Quivira Conference, What Does Drought Mean for the Future?, Drought As Inspiration, Meet Mr. Hadley: A Brief Atmospheric Understanding of the Southwest, Global Warming – What’s the Big Deal?, Our Coming Food Crisis, Cows and Apples: A Dirt Girl’s Journey, To Farm Is to Be Married, Getting in the Wood, Thinking Like a Creek, Balloon Mapping: A Habitat Restoration Project, Healing the Carbon Cycle with Cattle, Milking the Rhino, A Visit to the Flying D Bison Ranch, Some Profound Recent Ecological and Social Changes in My Community, Thinking Like A Watershed, The Carbon Economy Series, Book Profiles, PNM’s Support of Solar, Newsbites, What’s Going On?

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September 2013

GFT September CoverBuilding in Adobe: A Powerful Catalyst for Real Life Learning, Green Builders, The Earthbuilders’ Guild: Preserving and Promoting Age-Old Building Methods, Adobe: Building an Industry, Earthbuilding Rammed Earth Style in Southern New Mexico, Book Profile: Sun Sticks & Mud, Earth US A 2013: The Seventh International Earthen Architecture, and Construction Conference, Conferences: Traditional Agriculture & Sustainab le Living, Western Apicultural Society of North America , Empowering the Land, La Tierra Montessori Integrates Science and Arts with Outdoor Education, The Bounty of Earth’s Harvest, OP-ED : Junk Food—Junk Energy, The 2013 Extraordinary Technology Conference, The Photon-Powered Car, OP-ED : PNM Again Threatens Survival of New Mexico Solar Industries, Wildfires and Watersheds: Proactive Best Management Practices (Part II), Newsbites, What’s Going On?

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August 2013

GFT August 2013 CoverA New World, The Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals, Climate Change Impacts to Tribes in the Southwestern United States, The Indigenous Design and Planning Institute, Empowered to Succeed…or Fail: Sovereignty & Self-Sufficiency, Guided by Our Values, Tewa Women United, Everyday Green: Tribal Museums and Cultural Centers, The Pueblo Kilt: Revival of an Ancient Art, The Natwani Coalition: Revitalizing Traditional Hopi Agriculture and the Hopi Food System, Learning to Grow Vegetables with Hasbìditó, Energy Development in Indian Country, Build It and They Will Come? The To’Hajiilee Solar Power Project, Native Newsbites, New Mexico State Land Office and Sovereign Tribes Team Up, Native Arts & Culture, Newsbites, What’s Going On?

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July 2013

GFT July 2013 CoverValuing the Role of Culture in Sustainable Development, The Alliance for Artisan Enterprise / Santa Fe International Folk Art Market, Healthy People – Healthy Places: Addressing Healthy Inequities, Con Alma Health Foundation’s Grants, Help Plan an Affordable Creative Space in Santa Fe, FANTA SE Festival: Connected Community Engagement, Treats: The Superfoods of New Mexico, Everyday Green: Somos el Maíz – An Interview with Alejandro López, The Local Voice: The Local Spirit Behind Santa Fe Spirits, Four Bridges Links Northern New Mexico with South America, Geothermal Energy and Jobs Coming to New Mexico, Free Training for Green Collar Jobs, Wildfires and Watersheds : NM Legislature Takes Action, OP-ED: Our Constitutions Are the Avenue to Change the Injustice, Newsbites, What’s Going On?

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June 2013

GFT June 2013 CoverWildlife Corridors, Refueling Stations along Fly Zones and Pathways, Wildlands Adventurer’s 5,000 Mile “TrekWest” Includes Northern NM, Keeping Wild Lands Connected and Wildlife Alive, New Mexico’s Renewable Energy Transmission Corridors Impact Wildlife, Del Are Llano: Hunting in NM’s Acequia Communities Goes Way Back, Everyday Green: All My Relations, Renewing a Landscape in the Southwest Jémez Mountains, Beaver and Their Dams, Timing Is Everything, 2013 Greenbuilt Tour: The Green Revue, Chill Factor: Cool Roofs, OP-ED – Mora County Community Rights Law: Self-Determination, Newsbites, What’s Going On?

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May 2013

GFT May 2013 CoverDeveloping Sustainable Regional Tourism – Santa Fe and Beyond, How to Develop an Effective Tourism Cluster in Santa Fe, Everyday Green: Effective Tourism Networks, Is Sustainable Tourism Possible When There is Poverty and Unemployment?, Sustainable Tourism Workshop – The Carbon Economy Series, Creative Santa Fe, Santa Fe Creative Tourism, Santa Fe Watershed Association Brings True Green Change to the Hospitality Industry, Hotels Respond to the Green Tourist Market, People Do Care Where They Live!, High Peaks Deep Roots Cooperative Launches Its Second Season, Reflections on the Rio Grande del Norte, Rising to Meet the Dawn, Newsbites, Agritourism in New Mexico, Taos Cultural Farm Visits, The Earth Chronicles Project, What’s Going On?

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April 2013

GFT April 2013 CoverA Systems Approach to Sustainable Economic Development, High Desert Discovery District/Arrowhead Innovation Network: HD3 Discovery Day, Power Up! Low-Cost Websites for Cultural Entrepreneurs, The Taos Entrepreneurial Network, Community Solar Development in New Mexico, 2013 Solar Fiesta – April 27-28 – Santa Fe Community College, Zero-Waste Economic Development, Connecting Education for Sustainability to a Sustainable Economy, Investing for Social Impact, Complementary Currencies: Creating a Monetary Ecosystem, Can You Trust a Tomato in January?, Managing Manure and Creating Value for NM, The Wisdom of the Mayordomo, Newsbites, Is Adaptation Possible? Climate Change & Food Security in the Evermore Arid Southwest. Homegrown New Mexico: Urban Homesteaders, Bringing Magic into the Garden and Farm by Inviting Pollinators, The Wealth of Health: Oriental Medicine as a New Mexico Resource, Health and Wellness Tips, Earth Week Events, Gross National Happiness Comes to Santa Fe, What’s Going On?

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March 2013

GFT March 2013 CoverIncubator Spawns Business Diversity, Focus on Entrepreneurship, The Velocity Project, Rules of Engagement, Powering New Mexico’s Economy with Peer Pressure, New Mexico’s Clean Energy Economy Today, The Promise of Bioenergy Development, THE LOCAL VOICE : Be a Localist, Sustain Your Place, The Greenest Home Is a Remodeled Home, Creating New Mexico Jobs in the Recycling Industry, The Flea… More Than a Place to Get a Used Cowboy Hat, From Green to Gold: Breakthrough Branding for Today’s Green Market, Dapwood Furniture: NMGCC ’s Business Recycler of the Year, EVERYDAY GREEN: Culture and Sustainable Economies, Native American-Advised Endowment Fund Provides Nonprofit Support, You Holler—We Haul It!, B Corp Legislation: A New Frontier in American Business, Growth for The Sake of Growth, Newsbites, What’s Going On?

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February 2013

GFT Feb 2013 CoverHealthcare in New Mexico – Con Alma Foundation Forums, Health Equity in New Mexico, FairCare: A New Paradigm of Healing in Healthcare, Green Hospice, Towards Authentic Healing, Five Simple Ways to Live Healthy in 2013, Health and Wellness: Snuggle In and Chow Down, Skin Care and Aging in New Mexico, Self-Care Revolution, BODY of Santa Fe, Ayurveda: Health, Wellness Healing and Medicine, Confessions of a Seimei Practitioner, Keeping Animals Healthy with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Everyday Green: Native American Integrative Healing, Healing Arts at Golden Acorns Summer Camp, The New Mexico Solar Energy Association’s 40th Anniversary, One Health: A New Vision for New Mexico’s State Trust Lands, Ongoing Research Illustrates Benefits of Acequias, OP-ED : Río Grande Restoration and Recreation Project Appeal, The Local Voice: Investing in Local Food = Celebrating Entrepreneurship, Newsbites, What’s Going On?

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January 2013

GFT Jan 2013 CoverFarm to Table: Solving the Food System Puzzle, Healthy Kids – Healthy Economy, Farm to Table Collaborations, Major Policy Accomplishments, Food Choices: Modernity and the Responsibility of Eaters, Cooperating Our Way to a Better Food System, Santa Fe Food Policy Council, Red Willow Farm, Project Feed the Hood, Fresh New Mexico Apples in School Lunches, Farm to School Solutions: The Power of a Local Pear, Statistics: The Bad and the Good, Local Fruits and Vegetables for Lunch in Our Schools — What It Takes, Getting NM Foods into NM Schools, The Farm to School Program, New Mexico FoodCorps, Farm to Restaurant, Farmers Teaching Farmers, Santa Fe Farmers’ Market Institute’s Micro-Loan Program, Newsbites, What’s Going On?

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