Green Fire Times 2015

December 2015

GFT December 2015 Cover“Compact of Mayors” Signing, Modernizing America’s Grid, Educating for our Electricity Future, Creating Local Community Resilience to Avoid Climate Catastrophe, Book Profile: The Evolution of Ivanpah Solar, A Tribute to Rina Swentzell, Heritage, Adobe Architecture and Grief: Learning from Rina Swentzell, Remembering Tewa Pueblo Houses and Spaces, A Quiet, Fierce Intelligence, Oh Thou Incomparable Cielos!, Tewa Women United Receives EPA Grant for Healing Foods Oasis Garden, The Rail Yards Market – Barelas, Albuquerque, Española Opens the Food Venture Commercial Kitchen, Delicious New Mexico: The Gift of Local Food, Maurice Dixon Jr. Recovers the Artistic Legacy of Higinio V. Gonzales, Newsbites, What’s Going On?
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November 2015

GFT November 2015 CoverCollaboration Among Organizations Flourishes in the South Valley, The EleValle Network, South Valley Photos, South Valley Community Partnership for Health Equity, Applying Lessons Learned in Cuba, First Choice: Nurturing a Wellness Ecosystem in the South Valley, New Mexico Center for School Leadership: Local Wisdom for Local Schools, Precursors of Albuquerque Along El Camino Real, The Genesis of Acequias in Atrisco (The South Valley), La Corriente del Valle: A Mural Project in the South Valley, The Agri-Cultura Network, Gardens de Atrisco, The Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge, Op-Ed: A Community’s Battle Ag Communities, Newsbites, What’s Going On?

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October 2015

GFT October 2015 CoverSustainable Santa Fe: Building Resilience to a Changing Climate, The Santa Fe Climate Action Task Force, A Sustainable Santa Fe Vision, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, The Microgrid Systems Laboratory, Renewable Energy on City Facilities and Energy Performance Contracting, Energy Efficiency Training at Santa Fe Community College, Spotlight on Santa Fe’s Sustainable Business Roundtable, Santa Fe Water Conservation Accomplishments, A River Runs through Us, Restoring Santa Fe’s Arroyos to Improve Climate Resiliency, Santa Fe Public Schools Initiatives Support Resilience to Climate Change, Santa Fe’s Expanded Recycling Program Bears Fruit, Reunity Resources: Zero Waste Solutions, Food and Farming Are Central to Climate Change Solutions, Earth Care Programs Teach the Value of Local Food, Newsbites, What’s Going On?

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September 2015

GFT September 2015 Cover2015 Santa Fe Energy Summit, New Mexico Renewable Energy Newsbites, Earth USA 2015 International Conference, Pathway to a More Vital Local Food System, End of the Long Journey on El Camino Real, Linda Pedro: Warrior for the Disabled, From Independence to Interdependence: Coming Home Connection,
When Linda Pedro Ran for the New Mexico State Senate, Linda Martínez de Pedro Interview Excerpts, Linda and Peyote, Linda and the American Church of God, A Tribute to Linda Pedro, Linda Pedro Is Alive in my Memory, Linda Pedro and the Historic March Against Drugs and Violence, New Mexico Land Conservancy Awarded National Accreditation, Newsbites, What’s Going On?

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August 2015

GFT August 2015 CoverIndigenous as a Way of Life, Leadership Institute at the Santa Fe Indian School, Summer Policy Academy: Voices of our Indigenous Youth, Tribal Infrastructure Solutions in New Mexico, Red Power 3.0, Update: The Santo Domingo Heritage Trail Arts Project, Everyday Green: Paths of Beauty – An Exhibit at the Poeh Center, Keres Children’s Learning Center at Cochiti Pueblo, The Cochiti Youth Experience: Project Laughing Corn, The Chamiza Foundation, Nambé Pueblo Receives Community Agriculture Grant, A ‘People’s Garden’ at Zuni Pueblo, The Journey of Becoming a Man, Tribal Green Reentry Youth Programs Incorporate Culture, Homemade Solar Ovens in Navajo Country, Navajo Newsbites, The Warrior Project, Native Newsbites, Newsbites, What’s Going On?

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July 2015

GFT July 2015 CoverMéxico dentro de Nuevo México / The México within New Mexico, End of the Long Journey on El Camino Real, Transmitting Pain into Power for Peace – The Legacy of Victor Villalpando, Elvis Romero and the Cosmic White Corvette: Vignette 3–Cindy, Inspire Santa Fe: Unlocking Inspiration through Mentorship, SFPS: Becoming a Leaner, Greener School District, The Academy for Sustainability Education at Santa Fe High, Community as Classroom, Reusable Bags – A Cottage Industry?, The Local Voice: Lessons on Localism, The Sustainable Business Roundtable, 12th International Folk Art Market – Santa Fe, Newsbites, What’s Going On?

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June 2015

GFT June 2015 CoverThe Ever-Changing, Always Enduring Nuevo Mexicano Familia (Part 1),Elvis Romero and the Cosmic White Corvette: Vignette 2 – Hunting La Llorona, The Southwest Santa Fe River Corridor (Part 2), Agua Fría: History of a Traditional Community, High Road Community Comes Together to Share Traditions, Everyday Green: Eating Seeds, Food Justice: An Initiative of the Santa Fe Art Institute, |UN|silo|ED| SeedBroadcast, Leading the Charge Toward Renewable Energy and Appropriate Technologies, Op-Ed: Get Coal Power Out of your Home? Go Solar Now!, Op-Ed: Dear Santa Fe Neighbors, Designing Sustainable Neighborhoods Workshop, Lore of the Land: Filters to Perception, Coalition Building Supports Environmental Protection, Newsbites, What’s Going On?

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May 2015

GFT May 2015 CoverKeeping Cultural Authenticity: A Santa Fe Story, Elvis Romero and the Cosmic White Corvette, Santa Fe’s Southwest River Corridor, Op-Ed: From Ecoversity to Urban Sprawl, Defending the Value of Our Land: Agricultural Valuation, New Santa Fe Farmers’ Market Café Thriving, Farmhouse Café in Taos Helps Build a Local Farming Network, The Local Voice: Local Soil, Local Food, CuranderApis – Hive Medicines for Interspecies Body & Spirit, Pesticides Are Likely Damaging Ecosystem Services, Santa Fe Green Festival, Fire Season: An Exhibition at the New Mexico Museum of Art, 2015 Sustainable Santa Fe Award Winners, New Mexico Legislative Bills Signed or Vetoed by Governor Martinez, Newsbites, What’s Going On?

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April 2015

GFT April 2015 CoverThe New Mexico Health Equity Partnership, Uranium Workers at the Roundhouse, Drug Addiction: A Rising Scourge in Northern New Mexico, Everyday Green: Are You a Nutritarian?, A New Generation of Sustainable Aging: A Net-Zero Passive House in Taos, Solar Newsbites, Water Conservation Connects Santa Fe to Surrounding Communities, Acequias Are for Everybody, Three Case Studies of Elevated Uranium Concentrations in Groundwater, SF Community College Programs Offer Hands-On Experiences and Field Trips, Sustainable Santa Fe Update, “Breaking Bueno” Transition Training in Albuquerque, Sustainable Santa Fe Awards Announced, Remembering Carol Decker, Newsbites, What’s Going On?

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March 2015

GFT March 2015 CoverSustainable New Mexico Architecture: Puebloan Architecture, Spanish Colonial Architecture, Architecture in the Mexican and American Territorial Periods, Northern New Mexico Architecture, Queen Anne and Victorian Architecture, The Railroad’s Influence on New Mexico Architecture, and Spanish Pueblo-Revival Style Architecture Traits; Taos County Courthouse Preservation Plan Moves Ahead; Taos County Courthouse Murals; How Archaeology and Architecture History Can Teach Us about Truly Sustainable Design; Cañada de Apodaca Trail Nominated to National Register as Part of Old Spanish Trail; Nominating Sites for the National Register of Historic Places; From the Old Spanish Trail Association Website; UNM-Taos: Skills Development in Sustainable Design; Book Profile: Hacking the Earthship: In Search of an Earth Shelter That Works for Everybody; So Long, Big Oil and Big Coal; What’s a Heat Pump?; A Tribute to Linda Pedro: Advocate for People with Disabilities; Sustainable Santa Fe Update; Newsbites; What’s Going On?

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February 2015

GFT February 2015 CoverThe Hermanamiento of the Acequias of Valencia and New Mexico, Valencia and New Mexico’s Hermanamiento Ceremony: A Personal Perspective, Heritage Acequias of Spain: The Millenial Huerta of Murcia and the Río Segura Valley, Safeguarding the Global Cultural Heritage of Community Acequias, New Mexico Acequias and World Heritage: A Proposal, Valle de Allende and Aldama: Roots of Acequia Culture in Northern México, Tlaxcala and Aranjuez: Keystone Gardens of the Columbian Exchange, Bounty of the Columbian Exchange, Water Management and Acequias in Chile, The Zanjeras of Northern Luzon, Land and Water in the Middle East: the Yemen Connection, Juan Estevan Arellano ¡Presente!, Book Review – Enduring Acequias: Wisdom of the Land, Knowledge of Water, Op-Ed: The Almunyah – An Integrated Place for Living, Sustainable Santa Fe Update, Newsbites, What’s Going On?

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January 2015

GFT January 2015 CoverNew Mexico’s Economic Development Puzzle, Foggy Forecast: A Practitioner’s Point of View, LANL Major Subcontractors Consortium Fund Grants, The Local Voice: The New Regional-Local Mindset, Rural Economic Development, Leakage and Entrepreneurs, Could Cottage Industries and Cooperatives Be the Answer?, Op-Ed: Airport or Agriculture for Taos?, ‘Homegrown’ Could Be a Powerful Boost for New Mexico’s Economy, Impact Investing: Putting Community Assets to Work, Impact Network Santa Fe: Place-Sourced Impact Investing, Creative Approaches for Economies, Ecology and Life, New Mexico’s Creative Economy, Ohkay Owingeh Housing Authority, Book Review: Sustainable Cultural Tourism – Small-Scale Solutions, Op-Ed: The Time Has Come for a Public Bank, Santa Fe Time Bank: Mobilizing the Currency of Human Value, Newsbites, What’s Going On?

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