Green Fire Times 2018

November 2018

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October 2018

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The Challenges of Creating a Regional Food System / Miguel Santistevan / Eating Even After the Food Is Gone / Alejandro López  / From GMOs to a Food and Farm Plan / Mark Winne  / The AgriGate of Santa Fe County / Erin Ortigoza and Lucy Gent Foma  / Supporting School Nutrition and Feeding the Local Economy / Helen Henry  Todos Juntos: Planting Seed to Meet the Need / Sayrah Namaste  / Senate Farm Bill Promotes Sustainable Agriculture / U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich  / Portraits of Santa Fe Farmers’ Market Farmers / Jonas R. Skardis /Cedar Grove Greenhouse, Nursery and Farm / Pueblo of San Felipe Focused on Food Sovereignty  / San Ildefonso Pueblo Community Garden Program  / Southwest Intertribal Food Summit / Alex Jacobs  / Turning Soil into Sponges / Christina Allday-Bondy  / Healthy Soil Is Water Conserving Soil / Christina Allday-Bonday  / Book Review: Mexican-Origin Foods, Foodways and Social Movements: Decolonial Perspectives / Alejandro López  / OP-ED: Horizontal Fracking in the Albuquerque Basin / Mike Neas  

September 2018

September 2018 Green Fire Times Cover

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Everyday Green: Cultural Revitalization in the Mora Valley / Susan Guyette / Saving the St. Vrain Mill / Susan Guyette / Pueblo Villages, Land Grants and Spanish Villages in the Valle de Cochiti (Part 1) / Hilario E. Romero / OP-ED: The World Upside Down / Alejandro López / A Young Chicano’s Dream / Alejandro López  / The History of the Cacao Trade in the Americas and Present-Day Opportunities / Alex Jacobs  / Cross-Cultural Dialogue—Are We Listening? / Eva Willmann De Donlea  / Final Phases of Innovative Ohkay Owingeh Preservation Project Gaining Momentum / Santa Ana Pueblo’s SAY H2O Program Celebrates 16 Years / Water Newsbites / Be a Voice for Biodiversity / Kira Sadler / Twilight Encounters / Edward Ashmead  / Art in Santa Fe / Andrew Lovato  / Galisteo Studio Tour / Martin Frentzel  / Newsbites / What’s Going On 

August 2018

August 2018 - Indigenous Issue

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The 2018 Pueblo Convocation on Education / Cheryl Fairbanks / Reflections from the Pueblo Convocation on Education / Anne Maclachlan / In Memory of Those Who Have Gone On / Regis Pecos / Leadership Institute Honorees / Victory for New Mexico Schools (Yazzie v. New Mexico) / Regis Pecos Education, Health and Native Americans – UNM Center for Native American Health / Pueblo Convocation Plenary Session Presentation by Gov. J. Michael Chavarria / The State of Indian Education in New Mexico / Ted Jojola / A Product of My Community / Teran Villa Envisioning a Positive Future / Jackson Suazo / Native American Budget and Policy Institute Seeks to Empower Indigenous Communities / Leadership Institute Paradigm: Core Values / Regis Pecos and Carnell Chosa / SFIS Leadership Institute’s Summer Policy Academy at Princeton / Our Shared Journey: Tributes to the Santa Fe Indian School’s Leadership Institute / Restoring Balance with Pueblo Restorative Justice / Casey Douma / THE SANTA FE INDIAN CENTER / American Indian Community Day / Intergenerational Addiction, Opioid Use and Women Caregivers in Rural New Mexico / Carmela M. Roybal / A’shiwi College & Career Readiness Center at Zuni Pueblo / Hayes Lewis / Keres Children’s Learning Center at Cochiti Pueblo: Reclaiming Education / JoAnn Melchor The Road to Reconciliation: Santa Fe Fiesta Entrada Re-enactment to End / Regis Pecos /Native Newsbites 

July 2018

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City of Santa Fe 25-Year Sustainability Plan: An Introduction – Beth Beloff and Shirlene Sitton / Electric Vehicles Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Save You Money – Neal Denton /Lessons Learned from Five Years without a Car in Santa FeLena Hakim / Santa Fe Farmers’ Market Celebrates 50th Anniversary / Planting Tierra, Amor y FeJordan Lucero / Climbing and Identifying Trees to Cool Down Albuquerque and Improve HealthTracey Stone / Traditional Spanish Market and Contemporary Hispanic Market / Never Say “Kiva” Fireplace – Anita Rodriguez / The Time Is Now: Growing Chicana and Chicano Studies at the University of New MexicoPatricia M. Perea / Bilingualism and the Linguistic Landscape of Northern New MexicoAlejandro López

June 2018

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Next Generation Water Summit a Success – Doug Pushard / OP-ED: Current Water Concerns and the Need to Educate Water UsersHilario E. Romero / Solar Newsbites / The Galisteo Wildway Jan-Willem Jansens / Creative Thought Forum Summer Salons at the School for Advanced ResearchMeredith Davidson / Allá en el Rancho Grande: Holding Fast to el árbol de Vida – Alejandro López/ Restoring Clarity within the Commons of Human ConsciousnessJack Loeffler / Commemoration Remembers Navajos’ Long Walk / Janene Yazzie Seeks PRC Seat / Finding Place-Based Solutions to Increasing Wildfire Resilience – Matt Piccarello / It Takes a Village: Cohousing ABQNewsbites / What’s Going On 

May 2018


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La Limpia de las Acequias – El Trabajo de Todos – The Cleaning of the Acequias – Everyone’s work – Alejandro López / OP-ED: San Miguel County ResolutionA Group of Norteños / Where Development and Acequias Meet in Taos Miguel Santistevan / Cobs and Conservation of Seed in New Mexico –Loretta Sandoval / Owingeh Ta Pueblos y Semillas Seed Gathering and Exchange The Art of Climate Justice – Loretta Sandoval / Recycling Right in Santa Fe Jane Bias and Neal Denton Ideas and Visions for Santa Fe’s New ‘Midtown Campus’Nate Downey / Everyday Green: Villages of Santa Fe – Susan Guyette / Increasing Wildfire Awareness and Reducing Human-Caused IgnitionsOP-ED: A New Vision ForwardJoe Neidhardt / Book Profile: Groundswell Edited by Joe Neidhardt / NewsbitesWhat’s Going On 

April 2018

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24th Annual New Mexico Water Dialogue /  Lucy Moore / Fire & Water: A Citizen-Manager Congreso / Steve Harris / Water Wars in New Mexico / Michael Jensen & Leah Cantor / Creating Watershed Resilience During Drought / Rich Schrader & Emily Wolf / The Wild & Scenic Rivers Act: 50 Years / Rachel Conn / Repartimiento, Drought & Climate Change / Sylvia Rodriguez /The Santa Fe Watershed Association’s Watershed Program Series Santa Fe Water Capacity Revisited / Hilario E. Romero Book Profile and Excerpt from Replenish / Sandra Postel /Natural & Anthropogenic Chemicals in Groundwater / Patrick Longmire / The 2018 Next Generation Water Summit / Kim Shanahan / Water Efficiency Rating Score (WERS)® in Action / Kim Shanahan / Gray Water: The New Green / Doug Pushard /Commercial Water Audit Training and the Next Generation Water Summit  / Christine Y. Chávez & Glenn Schiffbauer / Second Annual Renewable Energy Festival at Northern New Mexico College A Man with Heart: A Tribute to Felipe Ortega  / Alejandro López / Newsbites What’s Going On

March 2018

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SFCC: Advanced Trades and Technology as a Path to Continued Community Resilience / Camilla Bustamante / U.S. EDA Grant Awarded for SFCC’s Microgrid Training Center / Seth Roffman / Santa Fe Community College’s Trades & Advanced Technology Center / Luke Spangenburg / OP-ED: Generating Hope and Change / Adreanna Jasso / Advanced Technologies at SFCC / Xubi Wilson / Solar Newsbites / Water Treatment and Conservation Programs at SFCC / Stephen Gómez / Next Generation Water Summit Workshops / Adobe, EnergySmart Academy, Welding / Controlled Environment Agriculture / Apogee Spirulina / Fab Labs at SFCC and the Santa Fe Business Incubator / Book Profile: The New Collar Workforce by Sarah Boisvert / The Electric Vehicle Movement in Santa Fe / Rob Hirsch /Inspire Santa Fe’s Mentorship Program / Cassidy Spillman / Newsbites / What’s Going On /

February 2018

GFT: New Publisher, Structure and Management / Jeff Norris – OP-ED: La Cultura Cura / Alejandro López – Health through Nutrition / Hilario E. Romero – Nutrition, Lifestyle and Food Culture / Montserrat Valles Albesa – Caring for a Parent is All About Love / Rosina Espinoza – Ready Immigrant and Refugee Health / Kay Bounkeva – Gluten and Glyphosate / Erica Elliott – Everyday Green: Better Sleep / Susan Guyette – Earth Dialogues: Community, Creativity and a Call to Action / Brian Nixon – Economics of Happiness Conference / Seth Roffman – The Pursuit of Happiness – The Case for Bhutan / Tshoki Zangmo – OP-ED: A Case for Naturist Anarchism / Jack Loeffler – First Symposium on the Rights of Nature / Nelson Denman – Newsbites – What’s Going On

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January 2018

GFT January 2018 Cover
OP-ED: Community Resilience in the Face of Adversity — Earth Care, I Am, We Are One — Aaron Tenorio, OP-ED: Native Rights — Elena Ortiz, OP-ED: Protect the Sacred — Kendra Pinto, OP-ED: Indigenous People Deserve a Just Transition! — Kim Smith and Makai Lewis, OP-ED: Health Action New Mexico — Colin Baillio, OP-ED: Democracy Is a Verb — María Pérez, OP-ED: Community Learning and Education, for Change — Miguel Angel Acosta, OP-ED: A New Hope — Samia Assed, New Mexico Dreamers in Action, The Santa Fe Refugee Collaborative — Mi’raj Bukhari-Frayer, OP-ED: The New Mexico Environmental Law Center’s Top 10 Environmental Stories to Watch in 2018 — Douglas Meiklejohn, Newsbites, What’s Going On?

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